The echoes in the air was the sound of training song, young and willing minds ready to take the oath of patriotism. Christopher sang the song like that was the last time in a life time he would ever have the chance to sing that song. He was selected from the very best, mentally healthy and fit to keep the promise made in loyalty. After his secondary school, Chris took the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination. He was not the most intelligent young boy and he was jammed by JAMB. Chris was disappointed by his JAMB result, though he had two career desires which was either to be a Medical Doctor or join the Nigerian Air Force and since he didn’t make the cut-off imposed by his school of choice, he opted to pursue the latter. The Nigerian Air Force recruitment form was available for purchase and he wasted no time in applying for it. Chris came from a part of Nigeria where the uniform was highly respected, and his parents were always supportive. The Nigerian Air force had fixed July 15th for screening of documents and other requirements stated during application which he passed and as a result, his name came out for a second screening to be held at Kaduna. Two weeks after, the result for the final screening was out and Chris made it to training. The joy that one would have the opportunity to wear the camo and serve his motherland with the respect that accompanied the uniform made the pain of training like a milk in the mouth of an adult. Six months’ regular blood change from that of a civilian to the blood of a man who will be willing, able and ready to die for his country. Chris was hoping the pride of the camo would be his daily strength, but he left the training camp in a civilian dress but a soldier at all times. He became the eye of the Air Force, he that could see what the normal soldier could not see, his job for the nation was to dig and to discover the element of dark hearts and evil minds. Training was over, it was now time to face the real world. Chris and every of his course mates were given two weeks of break, after which his first assignment was at the gate, where he was checking for culprits as his job demanded. Six months after Chris and his course mates passed out of training, it was time for another screening and Chris was deployed to do a job of stopping fraud at the screening ground. Chris was able to identify fake results presented by some of the applicants. He was not the only Hint officer at the screening ground, but he was the only Hint Officer who exposed fake results and names. Chris was beginning to get recommendations for a job well done on various occasions, and the joy of digging into people’s secrets overwhelmed him that he now began to dig into some of his fellow soldiers. Chris was close to one of his course mates who overlooked the fact that Chris was a spy and told him everything about himself as he considered him to be a friend. Ovie was the only son of his mother, and could not finish his secondary education because of his father’s death. He tried everything he could to elevate the sufferings of his family. When he heard of the recruitment, he had to make up a result from a close relative to present for the screening. At last, Ovie`s family could breathe an air of relief. Relief from abject poverty. Unfortunately for Ovie who thought he was telling his truth to a Friend, Chris had other ideas and he took all the evidence gotten from Ovie and presented it to the Powers that be. After so much investigations by the powers that be, Ovie was dismissed from service. But he had no idea who was responsible for his misfortune. But some of the Senior Officers including those who passed the judgment on Ovie were disappointed that it was Chris whom Ovie trusted so much that gave his own brother by the new blood away. Chris dug deeper and deeper into the lives of other soldiers that even his superiors were cautious of him. His desire to be a true service man got so bad that both Airmen and Officers were careful with him. An Airman traveling without pass, unfortunately had an accident, was seriously wounded and almost died. When a call was made to the Regiment Sergeant Major of his Unit, he was transferred to a military hospital. The RSM and some other officers were planning on how to cover this Airman so that his medical bills would be sorted out by the Nigerian Air Force and also not to be charged for traveling without pass. But unknown to them, Chris had already reported the real case to the Powers that be, and all their efforts were useless. Though the guy was treated but he had to face a charge for traveling without pass. Chris went on and on regardless of the pain his honesty has caused so many families. and the hands of the Nigerian technology produced him an oversized manhood. Chris spent over a month in the hospital as all manner of test was conducted. The military doctors did all they could to help him but success was far from the words they could say. Chris was at the hospital for a very long time, despite the order from the headquarters that people should volunteer to help when he needed blood transfusion, yet no one obeyed. Everyone was like he is too righteous to be alive. His family left him when they could no longer manage the rejection they faced whenever they asked for help, even the military got tired of Chris and dismissed him from service even in his predicament.