1109, 2017


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183 VOTES Gbogboyin yin Oriyomi! Ọba ti Okesuna, Oludari Olori Ipinle Isale Eko, Olugbeja ti Lafiaji, Baba ti Lion Junction, ati Akọkọ ti orukọ rẹ   I had gone to [...]

909, 2017

What the theme love? (forbidden)

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20 VOTES I'm Virginia a mortal and I work for the Philomena God (GOD OF LOVE),There is only one rule," don't fall Inlove with a God "who break this rule [...]

809, 2017

A True Service Man

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13 VOTES The echoes in the air was the sound of training song, young and willing minds ready to take the oath of patriotism. Christopher sang the song like that [...]

809, 2017

Impossible Jack!

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484 VOTES "How many years have you spent in the force?" "Two years, sir!" "And do you think you can still cope here? Reports about you are making me question [...]

709, 2017


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264 VOTES It's either someone dies or leaves. Basically, love is pain My story is a classic boy meets girl, girl meets boy, chatted it was epic. Turned instant best [...]

609, 2017


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3 VOTES 276  ‘‘It’s Haram for girls to go to school. Western education corrupts our girls. We will put an end western education’’………. His speech was rather taken for granted. [...]