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I had a restless night.I’m being plagued by her. She won’t let me sleep. She keeps on calling out for me. She needs my help. She needs to be saved. I don’t know what to do, I tried to reach out but I can’t. I tried to speak but no words came out. Tried to move but my legs were stuck on something I couldn’t see.I’m so tired, so weak and I need to sleep. I toss and turn and then he holds me, murmurs that I will be fine. He holds me tight till I fall asleep again. I fall into a dreamless sleep, and she is gone. Her face haunts me no more. No more cries or pleas.  I’m glad. I snuggle closer to him and drift off.Grrrrrr.  Grrrrrrrrrrr.Oh crap, the alarm is so loud. I have to wake up.I open my eyes and he is not there. I try to stifle a yawn but it comes out anyway.8Am. Oh no I have to get to work.Lately I’ve been weighed down by the thoughts of her. I see things. I hear voices, whispers but when I look around, there’s no one there. I don’t want him to worry so much about me; he has work and the children to worry about. I have to help, I have to be better.I don’t want to be plagued anymore.Time for work I tell myself. He is in the shower. I go to the kitchen and find the girls have had their breakfast [...]


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 MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES! Shi…..shi…….shi…………….. She is frying again, who knows if she make gigantic sales from this kulikuli (peanut bars) she is selling (Bisi and Seun in a conversation about their next door neighbor) how is it your business? I hate the odour, it pollutes the vicinity, funny enough after frying, you will still see mama-Shade in front of that mama busy-body shop, at modern market selling it. She has been into this business for long; I wonder why she has not improved by selling something else that won’t be this irritating? She is so focus, mind driven and headlong, singing all the way while carrying out the kulikuli enterprise. Ah!…. You talk too much, may be one day we will ask her, Seun replied. *************************************************** (At evening, Mama-Shade coming back from the market singing and praising God as usual while Bisi and Seun were sitting in front of the house)Ah! I told you, see her coming from the market singing again, let’s go and ask her at once, Bisi said (Prostrating) good evening Mama-Shade, how was market today? Ah! My children market was fine. Mummy, why do you always sing while carrying out any task most especially your kulikuli business, is there any secret to that? Ah! No my children, it’s a God giving talent and I derive inspiration from it, you see my children, I have been doing this kulikuli enterprise for over fifteen years now and a lot of people have tried to discourage and frustrate me but [...]