BookSale guarantees to help you make money from your books, write-ups, essays, stories, short stories, novels, in short, make a decent earning from your intellectual property.

Not only that, BookSale will help put you out there in the spot light in admiration from your fans and foes alike. Just kidding, only your foes.

…Dear Writer, Author, Story Teller…

If you would very much like to start turning all those beautiful words into a part time income, or even a full time income, and finally gain the admiration of avid readers across Nigeria and beyond, then this should tickle your ears in the right way.

My name is Ayodeji Agboola, Founder at BookSale, a secure online platform that helps you sell your books effortlessly. I come bearing good news.

This BookSale thing, let’s face it, it may sound a little complex to you, but like all great things, it is really simple.

BookSale is simply a mobile app.

A mobile app with one purpose only; It was built to help you sell your books in a secure way.

As a writer myself, I have written good stuff that I routinely share with friends and they tell me how good they were. If you are worth the writer you say you are, then you probably have tons of your written work stowed away on your computer or in your favourite notepads or on scattered bits and pieces of paper which you can no longer piece together.

How do you turn these works, your intellectual property, to your benefit? How do you earn money from your books? You have thought of taking your works to a publisher, you have even called up a few and tried to submit your works to them to see if they will give you some cash for them. The success rate here, I know, is very low.

You’ve probably also made enquiries about printing your book and the cost of doing this is way higher than you can afford.

Should you then continue to write without a plan to benefit from your hard work? Absolutely not!

BookSale to the rescue.

The BookSale App is simply an ebook reader with a twist. It will allow you to upload your finished works to the app for sale and it also allows readers enjoy reading your books.

Here are a few facts about the BookSale Mobile App (Android)

  1. It’s an ebook reader. This means people who download the app can read your books on their mobile devices (phones and tablets)
  2. Your books are safe within the app. As long as you have only ever uploaded it to BookSale, your ebook cannot be shared to third parties illegally.
  3. You can monitor your earnings on the go. For each sale your book makes, you get notified via email. At the end of the month, you know how much you have earned.
  4. Create your loyal following online. We can interview and feature authors on the app, share your unique story with the world.
  5. Readers can read books in their bookshelf either while their phones are connected to the internet or not.
  6. Readers can recommend your books to their friends. All you need to do is write an engaging story.

Now, doesn’t this sound like something interesting to you? I bet it does. It’s time to take action. But before that, I’ve got an offer specially crafted for BookSale lovers.

The BookSale Mobile App will be hitting the Google Play Store in 5 weeks from now, and right now we are driving for the first 500 ebooks that will be on the BookSale App. Won’t you like your book to be a part of this? I’m going to go ahead and assume your answer is Yes.

BookSale App hits the Playstore in:


But wait! Is your ebook ready?

Let’s see. For your ebook to be ready, it needs to have three or four things depending on whether you have ever printed the book before or not.

  1. Your story, edited and proofread.
  2. Information page with ISBN. (only if the book has been printed before)
  3. Book Cover. (Trust us when we say people judge a book by the cover, your cover needs to be fantastic)
  4. In the correct ebook file format.

If your book has these 3 or 4 things, then you are ready.

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If your book does not have these three things or you are not sure, don’t worry, we can help you get it ready.

For a limited period of time, we are offering preparing your ebook at a

discounted fee of N9,999.

As the demand increases, this fee may go up.

With this fee, we will

  1. Edit and proofread your book.
  2. Design a fantastic book cover.
  3. Convert your book to ebook format.

If you are ready to prepare your ebooks,

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