The screeching sound of the bedside
alarm blare out loudly. A sharp lightning spark which was quickly accompanied
by a ferocious thunder clap jerked OKLA awake from his sleep.  He lazily stretched out his hand to put off the
blaring alarm. A gush of violent wind suddenly poured into the room through an
open window causing the curtain to flap noisily. A heavy rain is in the making.


Okla drags his feet noisily over to
the open window, takes a peep outside the window to see chaffs and
leaves dancing about in the strong wind. A thick dark cloud has gathered in the
sky and the intermittent sparks of lightening and rumblings of thunder continue
to grow vicious. He shut the window panes and returned to his bed to continue
his sleep. An early morning rain as this means no outing until the rain



There is a sudden roar of gun shots
approaching the main building from distance. Local residents run about in
confusion on the street. The cause of the pandemonium could not yet be ascertained
but people run to safety. Five Security men with AK 49 rifles run into the
building compound and quickly take defensive formations by the main gate. The
distant roar of gun shots are now really very close by and everyone shake
in fear. The Security men put up every object around to form a barrier behind
the gate made of crossed bars. The barrier will serve as docking stations
during the exchange of gun fire.


Two cargo trucks drove speedily
towards the building. The bigger of the trucks was occupied by masked bandits
carrying AK 47 rifles. They began to shoot sporadically as the truck came to a
halt in front of the gate. The smaller truck had a long range machine gun
mounted behind it and was ready for action. The Bandits jumped out of the truck
and they moved to force their way into the building. The truck with the long
range machine gun immediately fired heavy rounds of ammo at the Security
officers’ position until it emptied out. The officers laid low behind the
barriers to dock the heavy rounds.


The bandit behind the machine gun
began to reload the gun and an officer seized that chance to throw a hand
grenade under the vehicle. The vehicle blew up before the bandit could jump
out of the truck. The other bandits by the roadside got furious and began to
shoot sporadically into the building. The officers gallantly returned fire at
the bandits and the gun battle began proper.


Suddenly, a little girl ran out of
the main building towards the gate shouting ‘daddy’. OKLA heard the
girl’s calling, and rushed to get the girl out of the open line of fire. The girl got hit by a bullet before
Okla could get to her and she immediately dropped to the ground unconscious. OKLA
picked her up in his arms, put some pressure on the bleeding wound and screamed for assistance. An officer ran towards him to assist.


Just as Okla and the officer
prepared to move the girl back into the building, a bandit came to the open
street with an RPG ready to fire at their position. Another gallant Officer in
the dock saw the bandit and shot him down. The bandit dropped dead but the RPG
still went off but missed its target. The missile hit a portion of the
main building and the Fire alarm system went off.


The ringing of the fire alarm’s
blare gradually blended with Okla’s scream as the scene dissolve to black.



The bedside alarm began to blare out
again as Okla jerked out of sleep again. He had just had another of his terrible mares again. He sat
up on his bed panting and sweating profusely. The rain was still pouring down
heavily outside and the heavy drops hitting against the window panes had formed
into a rhythm. Okla remained in his position for about five minutes without
moving. He just looked blankly into the empty space ahead of him.


Since the gory insurgent attack that
occurred in Okla’s district few months ago, Okla had been having series of such
disturbing mares. His sleeps had been a constant replay of gory scenes of death.
He was not the only one going through the ordeal. Majority of those that
survived the war suffered from various levels of mild and severe psychological imbalances.
It seems the lucky ones were those that died during attack as they are now resting in peace but
the living continue to live in dread of the past and fear of the future.


Okla remained on his bed thinking of
how to overcome his predicament. He had once toyed with the idea of visiting a
psychiatrist or psychologist but he had waved the idea away then, thinking he
will get over it with time. It seems to be getting worse and getting into him. He
must never go through such gory experience again or he may die of the trauma. He doesn’t
know what the future holds for him or district.


He struggled out of bed and went to
the window. He watched as the heavy rain drops hit hard on the concrete floor. He
could see from where he stood, the flood rushing through the gutter on the
street. He thought to himself, “what a cool way to start the day”. He decided
to go take a warm shower bath and has he made to leave the window, there was a
ground shaking explosion that shook the building to its foundation like an
earthquake. Could this people be at it again?