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    After They Left

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    After They Left is a heart rendering story of how a somewhat dysfunctional family pulls through an inter-ethnic/religious crisis. In this intriguing tale, the author weaves in all the sides to crises and survival in Northern Nigeria.
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    Bird On A Strand

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    Renike, a partially paralyzed widow and her only daughter, Ladun, were leading their poor lives in Odifa town. Dipe, a young man who was in love with Ladun and felt that he was too poor to seek Ladun's hand in marriage yet, was their only hope of company in the whole of Odifa. Things were normal for them as they struggled to survive everyday on remnants and begging for alms until Ladun went to the palace to collect food remnants.

    Author - Abdul-Rasheed Lawal Rabana

  • An Inspirational true story of a Father and his Daughter. For centuries, people have had the privilege to study and learn about the lives and times of men and women who have positively impacted and influenced our world. These are people who have each in their own unique way, achieved success in family life, business and other spheres of life.  Their stories are sometimes centred on how they evolved to be who they are, their family genealogy, how they were raised to developed life skills that enabled them overcome difficult situations. Most worthy of emulation, is the ability of these individuals to accept their weaknesses and build a legacy for posterity. This is one of such stories. The book, ‘my father’s daughter’ is a memoir of an inspirational story about Loretta and her Father Pa. Richard of blessed memory. In these times when few men truly understand fatherhood, it is imperative that this exceptional story of a father and his daughter be shared with the world. His words and teachings guided her through adversities, helped her make life’s difficult choices, built rock solid confidence in her, influenced her choice of spouse and instilled moral values into her. Overall, he developed in her, a unique character and an attitude to face life with a positive mind-set. My Father’s Daughter gives young women and men, adolescent girls and boys the impetus for a great life as it does adults, fathers, mothers, guardians or carers too; providing the tool kit for parenting excellence. Loretta hopes to influence the youths, biological and non-biological parents using the teachings from her beloved father and her life. REVIEWS experiences.  My Father’s Daughter sets out to do this in a never before written inspirational story to mentor and inspire not only the present generation, but also future generations.    
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    Nigerian Great Speeches

    5,500.00 5,000.00
    This book is an invaluable resource for every Nigerian who needs a clearer view of Nigeria's political evolution. Getting the views and perspectives of major actors can only help us make a better sense of major events in Nigeria's political history
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    Unique Oracle

    2,000.00 1,500.00
    The people of Onuogba have abandoned Agunti, the god of their forefathers and moved on to seeking solutions to their personal and societal problems from another diety. In their struggle for salvation and their ardent search for an end to the chaos, they encounter Camilus a staunch believer in the Supreme Being.