Once upon a time there was a man who had 2 wives. the first wife had only a son,while the other wife have a son and a daughter.as time goes on, the second wife became jealous saying if incase their husband been a chief dies,its only the first son of the first wife would enjoy all the wealth the chief acquired saying nothing will reach her own children so out of jealousy she went to a herbalist to make the first woman son mad after a month,that he would die.so her own son would now be the one to gain all the chief properties so after narrating all what she want to the native doctor,the native doctor said it’s a small issue he will grant her all she desired then he gave her a charm also informed her that the charm is transferable if she breaks the rule guiding the charm.the woman asked the native doctor saying baba please what is the rule so that I will not abuse it.the native doctor said nobody will share anything with the boyor eat food belonging to him any one who does this will run man instantly and the boy who was already mad will be OK and the madness can’t be reversed again,till death handling the charm over to the woman she thanked him, paid and left.she went home and told her son and daughter not to eat food or take anything belonging to the first wife son. they both agreed. on a very fateful day, the son of the first woman came back from work and tired so the second wife of his father gave him a well prepared fried rice with assorted meat he was surprised on the sudden change because he haven’t been nice to him all this while since his own mother traveled for a meeting. he thanked her and ate the food immediately he ran mad.his madness continued until one day,she prepared another delicious meal again for the boy so that he would eat and die since she had succeeded in making him mad and no one suspected her. on this fateful day she gave the boy food before going to the market so that the boy would die before she returned as she left,the mad boy brought the food,poured it in another plate and kept it in the dining table then went inside his room to hunt for flies.the second wife children came back from work tired and hungry then they saw the delicious meal prepared mean while the food was in their own plate unknowing to them that its not their food immediately they ate the food they became mad instantly and the first woman son who was mad became whole again.wondering what had happened to him,in no time the wicked second wife came in and noticed the change she screamed knowing she has been doomed she cried shouting am finished somebody please help jealousy had killed me oo.