I’m Virginia a mortal and I work for the Philomena God (GOD OF LOVE),There is only one rule,” don’t fall Inlove with a God “who break this rule would be cast into the PALACE OF DEATH FOR ETERNITY..

what happens when I did? Would i be cast into the palace of death?

What do u think of love? A sin, beautiful relationship, time pass, worship, unbreakable relationship, not interested, God gift, pain of lifetime.

In has much as am concerned I would choose PAIN FOR LIFETIME. Why? The beginning would be the best place to start from,before my life turned upside down.

      I have spent most part of my life making people find love, making sure they were love the right person. I never got jealous though. Because I knew my turn will come. I love watching the human on earth, I envied them, really I belonged there I was no special I knew that. But when an opportunity comes along to work for a God, you don’t say “no”

Our father say “you never know the value of something until it’s gone” even has a giver of love, I don’t know what the theme “love”means.

Although I was not deprived of falling INLOVE but I can’t because am in the realms of God. I don’t know when I would fall in love or when I would retire of my task. But then I fell INLOVE with a GOD named Plato and he also fell Inlove with me …we were not really sure of our feelings .

One day, I decided to go out on a male mortal that was also a worker in Philomena. I got dressed, took my purse and off we went to the Philomena annual ball. After closure I decided to follow the mortal home because of all the unconditional quotes of love he told me, me been foolish not knowing the true meaning of love and not realizing it were all lies followed him home. When he was about to kiss me, Plato walked it and commanded him to leave.

“That was on called for ” I said

“When I saw him about to kiss you, my heart almost went blank.. I can’t let him kiss you ” he told me

“And why is that ” I question

My heart was aching when he almost kissed you. I’m sorry it took me so long to realise Virginia.. But I love you ” he told me

At that moment he told me, my body begins tingling. What was this feeling? I asked my self. Is it love? Before realizing it he put his lip on my and things lead to another.. That was the beginning of our relationship.. Thing didn’t work out as planned we were caught..

“You know the rule Virginia, you were told never to fall Inlove with a God and you know the price, it must be paid “The master of all God said

I plead to be forgiven but he didn’t not.

“I won’t let you punish her father. I was an accomplice in this crime and I most be a part of the crime” Plato challenge

“You won’t dare “the master said

“Dare me father”

With this word his father said I should be ostracized for days… Then one morning I was told Plato committed suicide. I was sad and tried committing suicide twice but was caught but at the very last one… Plato stop me. Was I hallicinate?

“I thought you were dead”i said

“That was a test “

“What do u think it means to be Cast into the palace of death? Do u think it means actual death?” he asked me

“Then what does it mean “I asked

“It is a traditional way, in which father use in finding who truly loves you .he doubted any mortal can sacrifice his or herself for a God “he replied

I think he went overboard.. So does “that also implies mortals and God can fall Inlove “

“Yes” he said

And then I realized  the meaning of love “only love continues to flow in the face of anger, blame, and indifference can be called LOVE, All else it is simply a TRANSACTION “

“I love you “I said

“I love u too “he replied

We got married have two kid with a happy ever after ending