‘‘It’s Haram for girls to go to school.
Western education corrupts our girls. We will put an end western education’’……….

speech was rather taken for granted. The terrorist had made the country
ungovernable. They had vowed to bring the country to a state of anarchy. His speech
was endless. This wasn’t the first time. He was the Goliath while the
government is then David

nation woke up with the sad news. The headlines of the newspaper were ridden
with the news of 286 girls being taken away by unknown gun men. The army had
claimed that the girls weren’t taken away. The police had to run for their life
abandoning their duty post. They had betrayed the children; they left them in
the arms of callous men. The army chief and his spoke person had denied that
such news was a rumour.

The minister for education had begun to list out the
names of the girls that were taken away by Boko Haram. It was a mystery to the citizens
that such a thing should be said to have happened. The soldiers are no where to
be found; the police fled for their dear lives and the principal abandoned the
students. None of the teachers were captured and taken hostage. The minister
chuckled. They couldn’t deny it any longer. 276 girls are no where to be found;
they couldn’t be accounted for and they were taken away in broad day light
without any one to stop them.

She began to call the name of the 276 girls. The
press briefing couldn’t be overlooked. They couldn’t lie any longer to the
citizens. The president advised the minister to call for a press briefing. The army
and the police have screwed up and thee minister of information only made
matters worst. He spoke to the pressmen ‘‘we know the where about of the girls’’.

The journalist asked ‘‘madam may we know the name of
the girls that were taken away?’’. She ignored the journalist and began to call
out the name of the girls. Ears were all on ground. Parents were scared and the
nation is in mourning.

They are

1.    Hannatu

2.    Ladi

276. Larai Garba.

The list was endless to many while to some they
couldn’t believe their ears. It was a female school.

What will be the fate of the girls’’ a female
reporter asked.

The desire if Hannatu is to become a doctor. The
girls were all set aback. It was just like a dream. The girls are now captives.
The free girls; innocent citizens and the leaders of today and tomorrow are
captives. They have become prey in the hands of the predator. Their future is uncertain.  She had just written her Jamb and scored 350
points. She saw the tears in her friend eyes. They have been friends with Janet
since childhood. Janet was raped. She wept and could weep no more. The tears to
cry are vanished. Who will console who? Hannatu lacked the strength to console
Janet. She had been raped before they were taken hostages. Hannatu thought of
her future. They were attacked and taken hostages while writing their high
school exams to qualify them to a tertiary institution. Their fate has been


The president of the republic in a radio broadcast celebrating
the Independence the 50th anniversary of the republic existence assured
the citizens that they are safe.

a bluff; the terrorist can do us nothing. The police, the army and the security
agencies are out to disarm the terrorist’’. The president is afraid to refer to
them as terrorist. He isn’t safe either. He has announce publicly on the
television ‘‘there are Boko Haram members on my cabinet’’.

The terrorist took the world by surprise. His speech
wasn’t a bluff. Little did the politicians; army and the police knew that such
an event will take place. The police; the army and the politicians have assured
the citizens of their safety. The president of the republic have presented in
his speech; the fifty years Independence Day celebration speech. All the
citizens were glued to their television. They no longer trust the politicians;
their promises have never being fulfilled. They had promised good schools to
the citizens; they promised to provide quality education and to ensure that
children are protected but the promises have never being fulfilled.

morning my fellow country men’’

The president cleared his throat. It has always
being a ritual for the president to present a speech at the Independence Day
remembrance celebration. It has become a ritual. The citizens have rather
become used to the lies and the gimmicks played by the politicians.

are celebrating the fiftieth existence of our dear nation. The path to progress
has never being easy has never being easy and will never be easy. Our nation is
faced with the hideous monster called Boko Haram. They have attacked the basis
of our freedom; they have taken our girls hostages and have sworn that he will never
have peace. I want to assure the peace loving people of our dear nation; we
shall fight this monster and we shall defeat it. We shall bring our girls back
home. The 276 will be brought back home safe and alive’’.

Bless our beloved Country’’

Hannatu remembered the song she was taught at Sunday
school. She wept as she sang the song to the hearing of the other girls and
their abductors.

the rivers of Babylon; where we sat down and where we wept when we remember Zion.
And the wicked carry us away into captivity and required from us a song but how
can we sing the Lord Song in a strange land’’…….

Barely did she finish the song and the abductors threatened
to shoot her with a gun. Her song got them provoked.