Dreams come true

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                  Dreams come true -By Naomi AnzakuSarah……. Sarah…… Sarah….. (Tony shouting aloud) please don’t do this to me? Just tell me you aren’t going anywhere. Right from the very first day I set my eyes on you, I meant every word I said to you, (With a sudden clutching motion and a straight look into Sarah’s eyes) please dear, can you put an end to the vacationing to Africa? Those people might be horrible, have you not heard about the black monkey and its tricks? Please my love, I advise you to stay put for a while. Dear, please do have a rethink about the journey. (Sarah took a step forward, with tears rolling from her eyes) whatever it is, I have made up my mind on this adventure, adventurism in Africa and in Nigeria is dream come through to me and not just Nigeria but somewhere in the North East. What?  Tony said, you mean Northern Nigeria and not just Northern Nigeria the North East? Yes…. Please tell me that you are joking (in a shaky voice tony added).  Why? (Sarah quickly asked?) The North is filled with so many horrors such as Bokoharam, Farmers- herder’s clashes, and kidnapping………. I can go on and on. Am not surprise? (Sarah responded harshly) keep running down your script; after all, you are not a stranger to me? A man who sees himself as a perfect one, always very calculative to buttress his points... hum. (In a calm and low voice tony responded) [...]