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Earn money from selling your books

By | September 12th, 2017|Categories: Help Articles|

BookSale guarantees to help you make money from your books, write-ups, essays, stories, short stories, novels, in short, make a decent earning from your intellectual property. Not only that, BookSale will help put you out there in the spot light in admiration from your fans and foes alike. Just kidding, only your foes. ...Dear Writer, Author, Story Teller... If you would very much like to start turning all those beautiful words into a part time income, or even a full time income, and finally gain the admiration of avid readers across Nigeria and beyond, then this should tickle your ears in the right way. My name is Ayodeji Agboola, Founder at BookSale, a secure online platform that helps you sell your books effortlessly. I come bearing good news. This BookSale thing, let’s face it, it may sound a little complex to you, but like all great things, it is really simple. BookSale is simply a mobile app. A mobile app with one purpose only; It was built to help you sell your books in a secure way. As a writer myself, I have written good stuff that I routinely share with friends and they tell me how good they were. If you are worth the writer you say you are, then you probably have tons of your written work stowed away on your computer or in your favourite notepads or on scattered bits and pieces of paper which you can no longer piece together. How do you turn these works, your [...]

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By | September 11th, 2017|Categories: Short Story Contest|

183 VOTES Gbogboyin yin Oriyomi! Ọba ti Okesuna, Oludari Olori Ipinle Isale Eko, Olugbeja ti Lafiaji, Baba ti Lion Junction, ati Akọkọ ti orukọ rẹ   I had gone to the Muri Okunola Park for a social gathering when Tobi called to ask where I was. “Whatever you do, do not go home!” she said, so I decided to meet up with her to stay the night at a hotel until the fraternities would have simmered down and the police raided. As soon as it was morning I came home and the streets had been painted red with blood from the frats that supported PDP. He was cheered and paraded by his men that night and they sang his Orikii loud and proud over shots of Paraga. Oriyomi was stronger than ever. There was no ending him!   “Isale-Eko is very dangerous” they said. But my mother turned deaf ears when she decided to rent her apartment there because of how “close it is to work”. “Lagos Island is verrrry accessible. You can get just about anywhere in minutes from here!” she said half grinning, trying to convince my sister and I as we unpacked our suitcases into our new rooms.  I had the feeling that “they” weren’t wrong.   GBAGA! GBO GBA! That very night we were awoken by the sounds of what should be people scampering for their lives at about 2 am. The screaming was accompanied by the skrrrrrskrrrr of the sharp machetes scraping the floor of the [...]

What the theme love? (forbidden)

By | September 9th, 2017|Categories: Short Story Contest|

20 VOTES I'm Virginia a mortal and I work for the Philomena God (GOD OF LOVE),There is only one rule," don't fall Inlove with a God "who break this rule would be cast into the PALACE OF DEATH FOR ETERNITY.. what happens when I did? Would i be cast into the palace of death? What do u think of love? A sin, beautiful relationship, time pass, worship, unbreakable relationship, not interested, God gift, pain of lifetime. In has much as am concerned I would choose PAIN FOR LIFETIME. Why? The beginning would be the best place to start from,before my life turned upside down.       I have spent most part of my life making people find love, making sure they were love the right person. I never got jealous though. Because I knew my turn will come. I love watching the human on earth, I envied them, really I belonged there I was no special I knew that. But when an opportunity comes along to work for a God, you don't say "no" Our father say "you never know the value of something until it's gone" even has a giver of love, I don't know what the theme "love"means. Although I was not deprived of falling INLOVE but I can't because am in the realms of God. I don't know when I would fall in love or when I would retire of my task. But then I fell INLOVE with a GOD named Plato and he also fell Inlove [...]

A True Service Man

By | September 8th, 2017|Categories: Short Story Contest|

13 VOTES The echoes in the air was the sound of training song, young and willing minds ready to take the oath of patriotism. Christopher sang the song like that was the last time in a life time he would ever have the chance to sing that song. He was selected from the very best, mentally healthy and fit to keep the promise made in loyalty. After his secondary school, Chris took the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination. He was not the most intelligent young boy and he was jammed by JAMB. Chris was disappointed by his JAMB result, though he had two career desires which was either to be a Medical Doctor or join the Nigerian Air Force and since he didn’t make the cut-off imposed by his school of choice, he opted to pursue the latter. The Nigerian Air Force recruitment form was available for purchase and he wasted no time in applying for it. Chris came from a part of Nigeria where the uniform was highly respected, and his parents were always supportive. The Nigerian Air force had fixed July 15th for screening of documents and other requirements stated during application which he passed and as a result, his name came out for a second screening to be held at Kaduna. Two weeks after, the result for the final screening was out and Chris made it to training. The joy that one would have the opportunity to wear the camo and serve his motherland with the [...]

Impossible Jack!

By | September 8th, 2017|Categories: Short Story Contest|

484 VOTES "How many years have you spent in the force?" "Two years, sir!" "And do you think you can still cope here? Reports about you are making me question your ability to fit into our system..." You see, I am very terrible with fitting into anything much less a 'system'. I could hardly fit into my clothes or shoes. I couldn't even fit into the world I found myself in, which I have come to understand a little more than I did as a child. As a child, I thought the world was perfect. No evil. All good. But the world, everyone and everything in it is completely flawed! "You do have a good work ethic which I admire though. So what do you have to say for yourself?" "I would resign since I am not a very good fit sir." "Resign?! That's ultimate. I will give you a week to think about what you really want. Then come see me on Wednesday next week." "OK Sir."   *** three months earlier*** I must confess that I have stalked Davina for more than three years consecutively. She was bent on having nothing to do with me because I was a man of no means. And clearly she was out of my league as well but that didn't stop me from checking up on her unsolicitedly. And she made stalking quite easy for me since she was very quick to update all her social media accounts with almost every single detail [...]


By | September 7th, 2017|Categories: Short Story Contest|

264 VOTES It's either someone dies or leaves. Basically, love is pain My story is a classic boy meets girl, girl meets boy, chatted it was epic. Turned instant best friends. Just like any other love story I fell Hard... Fast... A one sided love story. I was ruled by my emotions, I reasoned with my head. So I fell hard, fast, head over hills in love with my best friend without knowing when or how it happened. I remember the very first time he held my hand, it was like I had found something I didn't know i was looking for... It was like magic. All I could think about was how the light shines from his eyes, like everything he sees is beauty. I remember thinking once that he is a goldmine and everything he touches turns gold. And there was my heart singing out his name, pinning and hoping for even the slightest sign that he would see me as more than just the best friend he hangs out or confide in. More more than anything else, I wanted to be more, to mean more to him. I wanted him to see me the way I see him. And so I continued with the charade. The girl of his dreams masquarading as his best friend; hoping against hope that he will come to see how the light shines from my eyes, like everything I see is beauty. A part of me knew it was hopeless, loving him like [...]


By | September 6th, 2017|Categories: Short Story Contest|

3 VOTES 276  ‘‘It’s Haram for girls to go to school. Western education corrupts our girls. We will put an end western education’’………. His speech was rather taken for granted. The terrorist had made the country ungovernable. They had vowed to bring the country to a state of anarchy. His speech was endless. This wasn’t the first time. He was the Goliath while the government is then David The nation woke up with the sad news. The headlines of the newspaper were ridden with the news of 286 girls being taken away by unknown gun men. The army had claimed that the girls weren’t taken away. The police had to run for their life abandoning their duty post. They had betrayed the children; they left them in the arms of callous men. The army chief and his spoke person had denied that such news was a rumour. The minister for education had begun to list out the names of the girls that were taken away by Boko Haram. It was a mystery to the citizens that such a thing should be said to have happened. The soldiers are no where to be found; the police fled for their dear lives and the principal abandoned the students. None of the teachers were captured and taken hostage. The minister chuckled. They couldn’t deny it any longer. 276 girls are no where to be found; they couldn’t be accounted for and they were taken away in broad day light without any one to stop [...]


By | September 5th, 2017|Categories: Short Story Contest|

210 VOTES Watching the young couple exchange marital vows got me wondering. “What common interest brought them together? What were they expecting from marriage? Could there be more dreams waiting to be fulfilled in their union?”  I sighed as my thoughts wandered back to two years ago. I had always desired to live abroad and getting married at the age of 19 to Uzoma who resided in Australia was synonymous to winning a lottery. He adored me and I basked in the euphoria but all of that went with the wind when I stumbled upon job application letters on his laptop. I had questions but I patiently waited for him to come home. He still had his shoes on when I broached the subject. His response confirmed my worst fears. After telling my friends that I would be relocating, after preparing a resignation letter which I intend to tender to my over domineering boss, after writing a goodbye text for my ex, after boasting about having my first child abroad. He was not going back. I did not let a second slip by before I furiously barged into the bedroom where he was undressing, threatening fire and brimstone if he did not return to Australia. He was completely baffled.  An intense argument ensued. I called him a bloody liar, manipulator, looser, coward, dream killer, destiny destroyer... the curses flowed of their own will.  By that time, tears were streaming down my face. That night and for so many nights, we slept [...]

Living the War

By | September 3rd, 2017|Categories: Short Story Contest|

4 VOTES The screeching sound of the bedside alarm blare out loudly. A sharp lightning spark which was quickly accompanied by a ferocious thunder clap jerked OKLA awake from his sleep.  He lazily stretched out his hand to put off the blaring alarm. A gush of violent wind suddenly poured into the room through an open window causing the curtain to flap noisily. A heavy rain is in the making.   Okla drags his feet noisily over to the open window, takes a peep outside the window to see chaffs and leaves dancing about in the strong wind. A thick dark cloud has gathered in the sky and the intermittent sparks of lightening and rumblings of thunder continue to grow vicious. He shut the window panes and returned to his bed to continue his sleep. An early morning rain as this means no outing until the rain subsides. ****   There is a sudden roar of gun shots approaching the main building from distance. Local residents run about in confusion on the street. The cause of the pandemonium could not yet be ascertained but people run to safety. Five Security men with AK 49 rifles run into the building compound and quickly take defensive formations by the main gate. The distant roar of gun shots are now really very close by and everyone shake in fear. The Security men put up every object around to form a barrier behind the gate made of crossed bars. The barrier will serve as docking [...]

When Preparation Is Not Adequate Before Marriage

By | August 28th, 2017|Categories: Short Story Contest|

0 VOTES It was a beautiful and sunny day and I had stopped my car in front of my favorite Superstore in my neighborhood. I wanted to buy some groceries before I get home. Well I had done this on many occasions in the past so it was not really an issue that I stopped at this store to buy some provisions.  However, why I chose this store as my favorite was something I had never helped myself to understand. Though it was a big Supermarket but it was not really the best in the neighborhood in my estimation. Maybe I loved buying at this store because there were many matured sales ladies working in the store. I was matured and seriously searching for the right lady as a marriage partner, so it was just ideal and natural for me to fall in love with this store. "You're welcome to our store today, how was your day?" One of the beautiful sales ladies welcomed me as usual with a bright smile. "Oh thank you Kate, I'm fine". "Should I help you to get your usual into a basket?" "Yes, I'll appreciate that". There was something strange about her smile and countenance on that day and before she turned to get my usual into the basket, I stopped her... "Kate, you look unusually ecstatic today, have you won a lottery?" "Really," she replied still beaming with smiles. "Yes, you don't put up a full smile like you have done today since the [...]