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By | August 26th, 2017|Categories: Short Story Contest|

1 VOTE Once upon a time there was a man who had 2 wives. the first wife had only a son,while the other wife have a son and a time goes on, the second wife became jealous saying if incase their husband been a chief dies,its only the first son of the first wife would enjoy all the wealth the chief acquired saying nothing will reach her own children so out of jealousy she went to a herbalist to make the first woman son mad after a month,that he would her own son would now be the one to gain all the chief properties so after narrating all what she want to the native doctor,the native doctor said it's a small issue he will grant her all she desired then he gave her a charm also informed her that the charm is transferable if she breaks the rule guiding the charm.the woman asked the native doctor saying baba please what is the rule so that I will not abuse it.the native doctor said nobody will share anything with the boyor eat food belonging to him any one who does this will run man instantly and the boy who was already mad will be OK and the madness can't be reversed again,till death handling the charm over to the woman she thanked him, paid and left.she went home and told her son and daughter not to eat food or take anything belonging to the first wife son. they both agreed. [...]


By | August 25th, 2017|Categories: Short Story Contest|

514 VOTES Zuru ike nke anyi huru n’anya Anyi maara na I nonyeere chineke Anyi ga-ezute ozo People slowly made their way to the other side of the church, singing that very song and clapping to make up for the lack of percussion instruments. The sound from the oja, wooden flute, harmonized beautifully with their voices.  They all got to the place across the church and began to circle what lay in the middle with their song slowly coming to an end. The elders from the community didn’t follow the youths to the other side because of what lay in the middle. But what exactly was lying in the middle of the crowd at the place across the church? Ikechukwu’s lifeless body neatly prepared for his final burial rite. The people of Nnewichi had come to pay their final respect to their most loved and respected son at the graveyard. “Irrespective of the circumstances behind his death, what matters most is that he is at rest” said the priest. Everybody knew the circumstances. Another man was trying to steal Ikechukwu’s prize and there was foul play involved. Within the crowd was Ifeyinwa, Ikechukwu’s prize, the one who was to get married to Ikechukwu a week from now. Unfortunately death had done them apart before they could even begin their journey together.  She had not eaten or slept since she heard the news but she had not cried. Still the strain was telling on her physical appearance. Ife’s usually beautiful face had [...]


By | August 24th, 2017|Categories: Short Story Contest|

76 VOTES “Hold it!” She screams as she swings her blue Prada bag in the way of the impatient elevator doors. The elevator cruises to the ground floor in seconds. Adanma joins a troop of weary employees out of the revolving doors of Marble House as the sun makes a descent toward the western horizon. Adanma crosses the zebra crossing, wary of unrepentant drivers speeding across the road unconcerned about waiting pedestrians. The orange seller beckons at her from across the road, a big grin on her face. She gives Adanma her usual purchase, a bag of three oranges and bids her goodnight. Adanma glances at her wristwatch. 5.45pm, the bus park where she takes the Iyana Ipaja bus would soon be empty. Baba Ebe, the passenger lobbyist hollers for passengers to embark. He circles the windows of the cavernous bus and barks out requests for the bus fare from disgruntled passengers. The fare has increased and nobody is eager to part with money. She takes a seat at the last row of the bus, squashed between a slim man on the right and a plump lady on the left, the type of plumpness some women acquire after children. She has a beautiful face too, light complexioned and spotless. Her eyes are big but sit well in her round face. She has a narrow nose and a full set of red lips. Adanma notes she is typing away on her android phone oblivious of scrutiny. Every other minute she would shake [...]


By | August 21st, 2017|Categories: Short Story Contest|

33 VOTES In a faraway land, there was a woman who was known for her beauty and her well built shape. She was in her early 30's and was blessed with 5children, four girls and a girl. Everyone in the land loved her so much because she was not only outwardly beautiful but inwardly beautiful too. She was very generous and was an epitome of strength and faith. Her name was "Susanna" and she was very hardworking to the core that the young women in the land looked up to her as their role model. Susanna was all any man would die to have with her strong sense of humour but no one knew what made her to always hide her smiles and frown whenever her husband was approaching. People passing by her house would always wish to be like her because of what they saw from a distance about how wealthy her husband was and the kinda house they lived. The husband had asked her not to do any job aside being an "Official house" seeing to the needs and well being of their children, to most people in the land they wished they could be in her shoes. But what they didn't know was that Susanna was not a happy woman like was perceived.    One faithful morning as susanna's husband embarked on a trip, and her children were in school. Susanna was busy with house chores as she was singing praises to God while she tackled her task, [...]