2309, 2017


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1 VOTE A COSTLY DESIRE It was a dark, rainy night and the raindrops continually splashing against the metal window frames made sleep especially difficult for Julius. He was more [...]

2309, 2017


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157 VOTES Mama knocks at the door… Felicia: Yes! (Gan… Gan… she whispered to herself Mama again) Welcome Mama. Mama: So you are still here eating my son’s food abi [...]

2209, 2017


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29 VOTES The Jesuit brothers called it a journey, but most of us thought it a silly excuse to further encroach into our holiday time. But it was compulsory, so [...]

2009, 2017

The cute girl with Bad breath

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614 VOTES she just passed again! i've been crushing on her for a while. i heard she's a fresher in my department. Though my "junior" colleague, I couldn't help the [...]

2009, 2017

Foe Faced Friends – Extend The End

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Hello Awesome followers and readers of BookSale. We are always looking to create something interesting for you and your suggestions are welcome as well. This post is an introduction of [...]

1809, 2017

The freedom you wanted, your new found prison.

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67 VOTES One morning, you happened to wake up earlier than usual because of the gunshot all through the night. Mama was suppose to come wake you this morning, but [...]