709, 2017


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264 VOTES It's either someone dies or leaves. Basically, love is pain My story is a classic boy meets girl, girl meets boy, chatted it was epic. Turned instant best [...]

609, 2017


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3 VOTES 276  ‘‘It’s Haram for girls to go to school. Western education corrupts our girls. We will put an end western education’’………. His speech was rather taken for granted. [...]

509, 2017


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210 VOTES Watching the young couple exchange marital vows got me wondering. “What common interest brought them together? What were they expecting from marriage? Could there be more dreams waiting [...]

309, 2017

Living the War

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4 VOTES The screeching sound of the bedside alarm blare out loudly. A sharp lightning spark which was quickly accompanied by a ferocious thunder clap jerked OKLA awake from his [...]

2808, 2017

When Preparation Is Not Adequate Before Marriage

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0 VOTES It was a beautiful and sunny day and I had stopped my car in front of my favorite Superstore in my neighborhood. I wanted to buy some groceries [...]

2608, 2017


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1 VOTE Once upon a time there was a man who had 2 wives. the first wife had only a son,while the other wife have a son and a [...]