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Our Secrets

By | September 25th, 2017|Categories: Short Story Contest|

0 VOTES The room was quiet as if they were the only ones on earth. Chetanna watched the rhythmic rise and fall of the sleeping lady on the bed. Even with her tousled damp hair, she looks so adorable, fragile…peaceful.   Jasmine! Her name alone makes his heart skip a beat. Gently, he removed strands of hair that fell on her face.  Resisting the urge to join her in bed, he rose from the chair, leaned over and planted a light kiss on her right check. The whiff of lavender from Jasmine’s hair made him close his eyes to savor the fragrance. Smiling almost shyly, he remembered how few minutes ago he was leathering her hair with shampoo while they took a shower… a long soapy shower. The light bulb moment was the realization that he had lost track of time and his phone was on silent. A quick mental retrace of his activities, pinpointed the bathroom as the last place he operated the phone. He picked it from the sink and saw eleven missed call. The time was 9.20pm! His plan was to leave at 8.30pm, latest! Resisting the urge to cover her half naked body with a duvet, he quietly slipped out of the room into the sitting room where he left his car keys and shoes. He switched on her security light before locking the exit door with the spare key; a token of her commitment to the relationship after they consummated it. It’s been exactly five weeks ago, March 12th. Cheta will never forget how the first time they made love he drove [...]


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1 VOTE A COSTLY DESIRE It was a dark, rainy night and the raindrops continually splashing against the metal window frames made sleep especially difficult for Julius. He was more concerned however about his heavily pregnant wife who had gone to bed that night having eaten nothing owing to a slight fever. It was a long gruesome day; he had spent a good part of it standing before a disciplinary committee at the company’s headquarters in Ikeja, responding to several counts of allegation of misappropriation of funds contained in an anonymous letter to the Company. He had tried without success to figure out which of his colleagues or even superiors would do such a horrible thing against him at a time he was expecting his first child. The conversations of the day replayed in his mind as he grinned his teeth in anger. As much as he tried to, Julius could not stop worrying about Mabel and what may become of her should the board decide to lay him off. He lies on his back, his side, his other side and then put his arms under the pillow, and coughed out loud. Sleep eventually swept him off. But after what seemed like a few hours, he was awakened. He lazily looked at his gold platted wristwatch which he usually keeps on a wooden stool next to the bed. It had been a wedding present from his uncle in Benin. The time was 2:08am, they had retired to bed at 11:00am the [...]


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157 VOTES Mama knocks at the door… Felicia: Yes! (Gan… Gan… she whispered to herself Mama again) Welcome Mama. Mama: So you are still here eating my son’s food abi and producing nothing after six years of marriage, I have good news for you, get ready to go back to your father’s house as I now have a better and fruitful wife for my son. Felicia: Please Mama what God has joined together let no man put asunder. Mama: Asunder ne! Asunder ke! I have said my own. Felicia: Mama I love your son and God’s time is the best. (Felicia was saying all this things not knowing she was already two months pregnant, she had missed her period but felt it was normal since she was not sick). A knock at the door – knock! Knock! Mama: Ah! Ah! Welcome my son; meet Bisi, your new wife. (At the sight of Bisi, Kola threw away his brief case and fainted). They all screamed: Kola! Mobe! Mobe! Help me! Help me! At once Mama, Felicia and Bisi held him. Felicia: (screaming) where are my car keys? (Off they took Kola to the hospital). After cross examination and bed rest, Kola got up. Mama: thank God my son is alive. What happened to you? Kola: (voice still shaky) Mama, who is that lady? Mama: Bisi? She is a friend’s daughter that stays in Ogun state Kola: I thought it was a ghost, Bose who died nine years ago. She was my ex-girlfriend [...]


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29 VOTES The Jesuit brothers called it a journey, but most of us thought it a silly excuse to further encroach into our holiday time. But it was compulsory, so we all had to attend. The evening was cold and cloudy and the school compound was a graveyard when we arrived. So silent – like the fluttering trees were observing some sort of benediction for us travellers. After checking into the hostels and having dinner, we reassembled at the auditorium to see a movie. My school had a culture of separating boys from girls. Even when we saw movies together, the boys always had to sit in a separate section. They claimed it was to avoid "temptation". This explained our surprise when we were to sit together to see this movie. It was an even bigger surprise when we were paired with the girls the next morning, before our Emmaus journey began. Her name was Nene – my partner. Nene! The memories I conjure. Nene had this aura about her, a tall and slender structure like something breakable. We had never really spoken before. I only knew her as the slim girl who always wore sparkling white pair of socks drawn up to her knee. Then later as the school's band prefect. We finally got to talk when our journey began. The first agenda for the day was tagged "knowing your partner". So each couple were to leave the hall to any comfortable spot in the school, and get to know [...]

The cute girl with Bad breath

By | September 20th, 2017|Categories: Short Story Contest|

614 VOTES she just passed again! i've been crushing on her for a while. i heard she's a fresher in my department. Though my "junior" colleague, I couldn't help the feelings I nutured for her. I knew my lust for beautiful girls would get me in trouble, but definitely not this time! Not this girl! I really needed to tell her how I felt, so I hurriedly approached her. Her "rear end" was divinely sculptured! It was like two large planets that couldn't separate themselves from each other "Fine girl, Good afternoon! " I greeted. She was about to respond when I poured out everything "see you are pretty and I like you. I do see you around but the thing is; you always keep to yourself. You don't talk much. I will like to get to know you, walk, eat, stuff with you ..I wanna be close to you" I arrested my case. "O.k cool! You are funny" she said. Right from the moment she said "o.k", I felt something pepperish around my eyes. The odour that escaped from her mouth, blinded me for a second or two. I could see virtually nothing! It seemed I was experiencing an eclipse of the moon.. I wiped my eyes clean. I was still trying to recover from the first wave of her mouth odour, when she hit me with another by saying"o.k lemme give you my number". Then I had this drowsy feeling, I felt like falling. I found my [...]

The freedom you wanted, your new found prison.

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67 VOTES One morning, you happened to wake up earlier than usual because of the gunshot all through the night. Mama was suppose to come wake you this morning, but she didn't. You thought,perhaps she slept late. you left your room and went to mama's room, but she was no where to be found. You listened but couldn't hear your crazy  dads radio, which always woke you up in the morning with Biafra thought,perhaps,dad had slept late too like mom. Your beautiful little sister who always comes to your room every morning with her assignment for you, did not come too ,perhaps, she slept late too. You crept out of your bed, everyplace was noisy, but you heard nothing in particular. At first it was gunshot, and then, people crying. You looked through your window and saw dead bodies on the street, and some running. Fear griped you. You walked out through the door and found your dad, laying on his own pool of blood, his hand was cut off from his body. His eyes wide open,his Four finger radio laid by his side.  'daddy' you cried walking close to him. You noticed another dead body,you walked closer 'Jesus' it was mama,mamas head was sliced off from her body, her tongue pulling out like the dog,okon the bar man kills everyday.. You turn and see your  little sister,her stomach had been divided, her young intestine falling off, like in American movie you watch. You broke down his tears, you knew [...]


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69 VOTES It was the middle of the term in Sylvester secondary school and the students of ss1 were looking forward to the excursion that was coming up in five days’ time. The students were to be taken to a museum to see some historical artifacts. Sylvester was a school mostly for rich kids however commoners could attend the school via scholarships. Those who registered for the excursion had their names pasted on the notice board in the hall way. Jade Michael, who was one of the students on scholarship, went to check for her name before going for lunch. Jade, a dark skinned girl lost her dad when she was eight years old in primary school and her mother struggled to raise her with sales from her roasted plantain business. While going through the list of names, she found hers but didn’t find her friend’s name Christabel Nelson, who was a light skinned beauty with wealthy parents but that didn’t stop her from being friends with Jade. Christabel and Jade had been friends since junior secondary two (JS2) and they were now in senior secondary one (SS1). ‘Christie and I registered on the same day. Why then is her name missing?’ Jade wondered. As her tummy grumbled, she sighed deeply and walked hastily to the cafeteria expecting to find Christie. Instead she found a long queue, so she grabbed a tray and joined in. She scanned the cafeteria for her friend but there wasn’t any sign of her. The queue moved along quickly as usual and she made her way to the chirpy cafeteria lady that always made everyone’s [...]


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183 VOTES Gbogboyin yin Oriyomi! Ọba ti Okesuna, Oludari Olori Ipinle Isale Eko, Olugbeja ti Lafiaji, Baba ti Lion Junction, ati Akọkọ ti orukọ rẹ   I had gone to the Muri Okunola Park for a social gathering when Tobi called to ask where I was. “Whatever you do, do not go home!” she said, so I decided to meet up with her to stay the night at a hotel until the fraternities would have simmered down and the police raided. As soon as it was morning I came home and the streets had been painted red with blood from the frats that supported PDP. He was cheered and paraded by his men that night and they sang his Orikii loud and proud over shots of Paraga. Oriyomi was stronger than ever. There was no ending him!   “Isale-Eko is very dangerous” they said. But my mother turned deaf ears when she decided to rent her apartment there because of how “close it is to work”. “Lagos Island is verrrry accessible. You can get just about anywhere in minutes from here!” she said half grinning, trying to convince my sister and I as we unpacked our suitcases into our new rooms.  I had the feeling that “they” weren’t wrong.   GBAGA! GBO GBA! That very night we were awoken by the sounds of what should be people scampering for their lives at about 2 am. The screaming was accompanied by the skrrrrrskrrrr of the sharp machetes scraping the floor of the [...]

What the theme love? (forbidden)

By | September 9th, 2017|Categories: Short Story Contest|

20 VOTES I'm Virginia a mortal and I work for the Philomena God (GOD OF LOVE),There is only one rule," don't fall Inlove with a God "who break this rule would be cast into the PALACE OF DEATH FOR ETERNITY.. what happens when I did? Would i be cast into the palace of death? What do u think of love? A sin, beautiful relationship, time pass, worship, unbreakable relationship, not interested, God gift, pain of lifetime. In has much as am concerned I would choose PAIN FOR LIFETIME. Why? The beginning would be the best place to start from,before my life turned upside down.       I have spent most part of my life making people find love, making sure they were love the right person. I never got jealous though. Because I knew my turn will come. I love watching the human on earth, I envied them, really I belonged there I was no special I knew that. But when an opportunity comes along to work for a God, you don't say "no" Our father say "you never know the value of something until it's gone" even has a giver of love, I don't know what the theme "love"means. Although I was not deprived of falling INLOVE but I can't because am in the realms of God. I don't know when I would fall in love or when I would retire of my task. But then I fell INLOVE with a GOD named Plato and he also fell Inlove [...]

A True Service Man

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13 VOTES The echoes in the air was the sound of training song, young and willing minds ready to take the oath of patriotism. Christopher sang the song like that was the last time in a life time he would ever have the chance to sing that song. He was selected from the very best, mentally healthy and fit to keep the promise made in loyalty. After his secondary school, Chris took the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination. He was not the most intelligent young boy and he was jammed by JAMB. Chris was disappointed by his JAMB result, though he had two career desires which was either to be a Medical Doctor or join the Nigerian Air Force and since he didn’t make the cut-off imposed by his school of choice, he opted to pursue the latter. The Nigerian Air Force recruitment form was available for purchase and he wasted no time in applying for it. Chris came from a part of Nigeria where the uniform was highly respected, and his parents were always supportive. The Nigerian Air force had fixed July 15th for screening of documents and other requirements stated during application which he passed and as a result, his name came out for a second screening to be held at Kaduna. Two weeks after, the result for the final screening was out and Chris made it to training. The joy that one would have the opportunity to wear the camo and serve his motherland with the [...]