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This post is an introduction of what we call Extend The End. We will write a short story and you can extend the end to a logical or illogical conclusion in the comments section. We’ve got an interesting prize for the winner of the week.

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Adedeji was livid with rage. For more than a fortnight now, his mid day snack had started getting missing from the refrigerator in the common room.

As a result, on the days the snack turned up missing, he went hungry.

The fact that he had to go hungry on such sad days was not the major cause of his rage right now, but that one or all of the four other people with whom he shared the common room was stealing his food, and not one of them had the courtesy to own up.

They were all jovial friends or so he thought. Why would they continue stealing his food?

The first time he raised the issue, they all denied having even gone near the refrigerator let alone take his food. In the two weeks since the mystery started, his mid-day snack had gone missing four times.


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