Mama knocks at the door…
Felicia: Yes! (Gan… Gan… she whispered to herself Mama again) Welcome Mama.
Mama: So you are still here eating my son’s food abi and producing nothing after six years of marriage, I have good news for you, get ready to go back to your father’s house as I now have a better and fruitful wife for my son.
Felicia: Please Mama what God has joined together let no man put asunder.
Mama: Asunder ne! Asunder ke! I have said my own.
Felicia: Mama I love your son and God’s time is the best. (Felicia was saying all this things not knowing she was already two months pregnant, she had missed her period but felt it was normal since she was not sick).
A knock at the door – knock! Knock!
Mama: Ah! Ah! Welcome my son; meet Bisi, your new wife.
(At the sight of Bisi, Kola threw away his brief case and fainted).
They all screamed: Kola! Mobe! Mobe! Help me! Help me! At once Mama, Felicia and Bisi held him.
Felicia: (screaming) where are my car keys? (Off they took Kola to the hospital).
After cross examination and bed rest, Kola got up.
Mama: thank God my son is alive. What happened to you?
Kola: (voice still shaky) Mama, who is that lady?
Mama: Bisi? She is a friend’s daughter that stays in Ogun state
Kola: I thought it was a ghost, Bose who died nine years ago. She was my ex-girlfriend before I met Felicia.
Mama: did you hurt her?
Kola: no, I was in love with her before she had an accident and died.
(Felicia ran out of the room throwing up).
Mama: Ah! What is it again? (Quickly running after her, only to discover she was vomiting). You are pregnant. (Mama started singing and praising God).
Felicia: Mama I don’t know yet.
Mama: let’s go for test at once. (Immediately, they left for the doctor’s office).
An hour later…
Doctor: congratulations Madam, you are two months pregnant.
(Mama and Felicia screamed out of joy, dashed out of the doctor’s office and rushed to Kola’s ward to inform him of the good news)
In Kola’s ward…
(Mama and Felicia dashed into the room, out of fear of seeing his Mother and Wife running towards him, he jumped out of the bed…)
Kola: Mama! Felicia! What is the problem?
Mama: Your wife, my sweetheart is carrying my grandchild (Dancing and demonstrating carrying an infant)
Kola: (excited, looking at Felicia) Is that true my love?
(Felicia smiling, she nodded her head in agreement.)
Kola – on hearing the news, embraced his wife, and Mama quickly embraced the both of them singing and praising God.
That was how Mama and Felicia became friends again and Bisi was sent back to her parents. It pays to be patient.