She is frying again, who knows if she make gigantic sales from this kulikuli (peanut bars) she is selling (Bisi and Seun in a conversation about their next door neighbor) how is it your business? I hate the odour, it pollutes the vicinity, funny enough after frying, you will still see mama-Shade in front of that mama busy-body shop, at modern market selling it. She has been into this business for long; I wonder why she has not improved by selling something else that won’t be this irritating? She is so focus, mind driven and headlong, singing all the way while carrying out the kulikuli enterprise. Ah!…. You talk too much, may be one day we will ask her, Seun replied.




(At evening, Mama-Shade coming back from the market singing and praising God as usual while Bisi and Seun were sitting in front of the house)Ah! I told you, see her coming from the market singing again, let’s go and ask her at once, Bisi said (Prostrating) good evening Mama-Shade, how was market today? Ah! My children market was fine. Mummy, why do you always sing while carrying out any task most especially your kulikuli business, is there any secret to that? Ah! No my children, it’s a God giving talent and I derive inspiration from it, you see my children, I have been doing this kulikuli enterprise for over fifteen years now and a lot of people have tried to discourage and frustrate me but I refuse to give up on it. Discouraged and frustrated you how? Bisi quickly asked, yes! My dear, discouraged in the sense that they will give me contracts to produce kulikuli worth of one hundred thousand naira for students in some boarding schools (Bisi and Seun were so humorous). Bisi hurriedly asked, per day? Yes now, I even produce more than that but the challenge is that they do not pay as at when due but am not worried because out of this business I have bought this house, Ah! Ma…ma Sha…de; you mean you are now the land lady of this house? When, how? and we are just knowing this now? Ah! That means we won’t be paying rent again as per our mummy, Said Seun,(expressing the merit from Bisi and Seun curious smiles and laughter while hailing mama-Shade) don’t worry time shall tell, the documents are in my procession. See! I know many people have been wondering about me, they even call me names like workaholic, busy body, over do-do, disgrace, nothing to show for, (started conversation in pigeon English language)sai shade go still round up from university of Lagos abi, you go surprise sey after her NYSC I go carry her go abroad for further studies….. Wetin them dey call am sef….. M…..m… (Bisi) Msc , yes na him, she go even become those people wey de wear long ropes with one kind cap, (Bisi) Professor, yes! For abroad o….. just watch and see, if una like sit down for here de do amebo (gossiping) and if una no get wetin to do, come join Shade de supply my kulikuli at least I go de give una small money and una no go de wait for Daddy make him pay una school fees (they both responded) a…, ( Mama- shade rushed and entered her room, banging the door) (Seun) I tell you say mama- shade wise well- well, you see say almost all the shops including top super markets for Ikeja dey sell her kulikuli and she go still get time to sell sef, she still strong kakaraka  but me and you sef go just sit down de condemn her, see now Shade don resume school and we still dey house because Daddy no get money for school fees and you know sey Shade still de help her mom sell and her CGPA na 3.8 and your own na 2.2 while my own na 2.5, e bi like sai I go join Shade de supply kulikuli so that I go make money take pay my school fees, how you see am? (Bisi) em…..em….. Okay I go join you too. (They both shouted running to her room) Mama-Shade……. MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES.