Mr Gentleman – Extend The End

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Extend The End -¬†Winner gets 1k phone credit on their network of choice. ------------------------------------- Adesola was distraught. For some unknown reason, her alarm clock had failed. Or did it? She had to be at a job interview by 8 am and now, she was running really late. She smiled momentarily as she remembered the events of the previous evening. It must have been the wine. Perhaps the alarm clock didn't fail afterall. On to the task at hand. How do i get to this interview without being late.   ************ Adesola was lost in the crowd at the bus stop. It was one of those crowded mornings when it seemed everyone arrived at the bus stop at the same time. She calculated her odds, they were not very good. Where do you find a gentleman when you need one? At least, a gentleman who would fight for a seat for her when one of the buses arrive. She half-heartedly scanned the crowd, there was nothing better to do anyways. There were school children, the rough type, work commutters in their prim and proper office wears, the ladies, like her, were mostly in comfortabel flip flops that they would exchange for work shoes when they arrived at work. The men usually had better chances of wrestling their way into the buses on mornings such as this. Her attention was drawn to a man standing a little aside from the throng. He was smartly dressed and was obviously going to work or a [...]