she just passed again! i’ve been crushing on her for a while. i heard she’s a fresher in my department.
Though my “junior” colleague, I couldn’t help the feelings I nutured for her. I knew my lust for beautiful girls would get me in trouble, but definitely not this time! Not this girl!
I really needed to tell her how I felt, so I hurriedly approached her. Her “rear end” was divinely sculptured! It was like two large planets that couldn’t separate themselves from each other
“Fine girl, Good afternoon! ” I greeted. She was about to respond when I poured out everything “see you are pretty and I like you. I do see you around but the thing is; you always keep to yourself. You don’t talk much. I will like to get to know you, walk, eat, read….you know…do stuff with you ..I wanna be close to you” I arrested my case.
“O.k cool! You are funny” she said.
Right from the moment she said “o.k”, I felt something pepperish around my eyes. The odour that escaped from her mouth, blinded me for a second or two. I could see virtually nothing!
It seemed I was experiencing an eclipse of the moon.. I wiped my eyes clean. I was still trying to recover from the first wave of her mouth odour, when she hit me with another by saying”o.k lemme give you my number”.
Then I had this drowsy feeling, I felt like falling. I found my legs staggering feebly. My brain was still trying to fathom the possibility of such a strong mouth odour emitting from such a beautiful creature.
I found myself sweating profusely, as I struggled to unlock my phone’s security pattern.
Then she hit me with the third wave, when she said “zero-nine-zero”.
Immediately, my shadow ran and left me alone under the hot sun!
I passed out!
I later woke up at the Emergency ward!