One morning, you happened to wake up earlier than usual because of the gunshot all through the night. Mama was suppose to come wake you this morning, but she didn’t. You thought,perhaps she slept late.

you left your room and went to mama’s room, but she was no where to be found. You listened but couldn’t hear your crazy  dads radio, which always woke you up in the morning with Biafra new..you thought,perhaps,dad had slept late too like mom.

Your beautiful little sister who always comes to your room every morning with her assignment for you, did not come too ,perhaps, she slept late too.

You crept out of your bed, everyplace was noisy, but you heard nothing in particular. At first it was gunshot, and then, people crying. You looked through your window and saw dead bodies on the street, and some running. Fear griped you.

You walked out through the door and found your dad, laying on his own pool of blood, his hand was cut off from his body. His eyes wide open,his Four finger radio laid by his side.  ‘daddy’ you cried walking close to him. You noticed another dead body,you walked closer ‘Jesus’ it was mama,mamas head was sliced off from her body, her tongue pulling out like the dog,okon the bar man kills everyday.. You turn and see your  little sister,her stomach had been divided, her young intestine falling off, like in American movie you watch. You broke down his tears, you knew it was going to happen but not this soon, you needed your own country Biafra, but not in exchange of your happiness. Your gate man, Musa who use to respect and call you small oga, was seen coming with group of other boys with matchet and guns, it was obvious he had killed your mother and dad. Another group of young boys emerged from the corner of the street,you know him, Emeka your friend with others boys you have never seen before, they were with bare bodies,blood splash over their face, they looked fierce and fire spark in their eyes. Before you knew it,the two groups engaged in a physical combat.Musas hand was cut off, as he laid lifeless on his pool of blood. Emeka moved closer to him and slice open his stomach “die!! Ewu Hausa!!! ” he screamed, tearing him up in anger. “stand up, the war  has come, we must fight for biafra,it our birth right ” he approached you. by now, your eyes were very red.he jerked you up forceful “you have to be a man” he said. “look at my parent, my sister! ” you cried. “my man, we have to fight for our freedom,we have to go now, the Hausa soldiers are coming ” he dragged you with him as you ran looking back, your two story building was set ablaze by the angry Hausa soldiers. Your dad had used his last serving to build the house, all your valuables, your certificate your expensive clothes were all burnt to ashes.

As you ran, you pass by many corpse on the road.

Nkechi the pregnant woman was laying in her pool of blood, her foetus and intestine  poped out,you close your eyes in disgust and sadness. You see Amara, your childhood friend, tears escape your eyes, she was cut open from her genitals. “you don’t have to cry, you are a man” Emeka shouted to you, as he runs. Every step you took, bomb landed on that spot. People ran helter shelter looking for cover, and every step They took, they were getting few steps to their grave.

You ran still you couldn’t run anymore,you were thirsty but Emeka urges you to run further lest the bombs fall on you. You cry as you run. And then you see Caro,your girlfriend , your only source of happiness, she was laying on her own pool of blood. You fell down and wept more. “it’s the sacrifices we have to make” Emeka said dragng you away from that spot.

You wanted Biafra but not in exchange of your happiness and loved ones. You lost your freedom and luxurious life in exchange for Biafra. “It the prize yiu have to pay for if you want your freedom” Emeka whispered to you. Yes!!, Emekas parent had flown out of the country the previous week. he had refused to go with them just because he wanted to fight for their freedom.

The freedom you wanted,was Now your new found prison.You ran still you couldn’t breathe anymore, you fell down, and breath your last breath. The war has yet begun, you had anticipated for it,just at the beginning you couldn’t make it… Mama has died, and Caro, oh sweet Caro!!! Was no more… You gave up the ghost.