In a faraway land, there was a woman who was known for her beauty and her well built shape. She was in her early 30’s and was blessed with 5children, four girls and a girl. Everyone in the land loved her so much because she was not only outwardly beautiful but inwardly beautiful too. She was very generous and was an epitome of strength and faith. Her name was “Susanna” and she was very hardworking to the core that the young women in the land looked up to her as their role model. Susanna was all any man would die to have with her strong sense of humour but no one knew what made her to always hide her smiles and frown whenever her husband was approaching. People passing by her house would always wish to be like her because of what they saw from a distance about how wealthy her husband was and the kinda house they lived. The husband had asked her not to do any job aside being an “Official house” seeing to the needs and well being of their children, to most people in the land they wished they could be in her shoes. But what they didn’t know was that Susanna was not a happy woman like was perceived.    One faithful morning as susanna’s husband embarked on a trip, and her children were in school. Susanna was busy with house chores as she was singing praises to God while she tackled her task, a young girl in the land who admired her very well approached and greeted her saying ” Greetings Aunty Susana” Susanna quickly replied with smiles on her face as she normally does so the people in her land will not know how hurting she is on the inside. But the young girl came closer and offered to assist her sweep the compound saying; “Aunty Susana, I was not just passing by your house. I was actually coming here to see you because I want to learn so many things from you, you are the only woman I admire in this our village and I want to have a successful marriage like yours when the time is ripe for me. So, she quickly took the broom from her and swept the compound, as Susannah stood surprised to what the young lady just voiced out. When the young girl had finished, Susannah asked her to come inside to take a cup of water while she’ll tell her everything she needs to know about her. As they both settled down in susanna’s sitting room, Susana asked her to listen carefully to her story so she’ll learn from it. She began saying ” It’s true that people of this land wishes to be like me because my husband is wealthy and respected in this land. And he has also asked me not to do any job, and he married only me. But the truth is, I was abducted by him when I was still a young girl of 16, and he was in his early 40’s then. I came from a poor home that my late parents hardly could provide  one square meal for my siblings and I. Being the first child and first daughter they accepted to marry me of to my husband when he came seeking for my hand in marriage. Nobody cared about how hurt I was, and how badly I yearned to get a formal education. I stayed up all nights crying and wishing I could just disappear from my house without being married out to a man whom I called ” Uncle” having the knowledge that he was old enough to be my father. But when we finally married, he refused to send me to school like he promised and assured my parents. This killed me on the inside that I kept running back to my family to cry to my parents blaming them for everything. But when I had my first child, I was happy knowing I have gotten a reason to accept my husband as he is. He tortured me emotionally because  he feels the big house was all I needed to be happy, he never drops money no matter how little anytime he’s leaving the house for his business. He spoke to me anyhow outside with strong damaging words without minding who is watching. I will always cry and lose appetite for meal because of the emotional torture and maltreatment. He doesn’t care if I wear rag or change my hair, the one that kept me cold in this land was when I wa wrongly accused of a crime I knew nothing about. I was hoping my husband would stand tall as someone the villagers respected to defend and protect me, rather he accepted that I will swear to an oath to please the people of the land. That period I was devastated that I almost took my life, but remembering I’m living for my children and not him gave me strength to carry on. I was dragged to the shrine in the neighbouring village and I took the oath, then everyone saw I was innocent. That was when the whole villagers began to show me love and accepted to come to my home. So, since then I don’t  feel safe around my husband knowing he can’t protect me. But I’m afraid to speak up because he always threatens to send me back to my father’s house reminding me of how wretched we are and how he’s the “Messiah” in my life. But to you and most people of the land, I’m enjoying while I’m suffering knowing that my HUSBAND RAPES ME DAILY.