It was a beautiful and sunny day and I had stopped my car in
front of my favorite Superstore in my neighborhood. I wanted to buy some
groceries before I get home. Well I had done this on many occasions in the past
so it was not really an issue that I stopped at this store to buy some
provisions.  However, why I chose this
store as my favorite was something I had never helped myself to understand.
Though it was a big Supermarket but it was not really the best in the
neighborhood in my estimation.

Maybe I loved buying at this store because there were many
matured sales ladies working in the store. I was matured and seriously
searching for the right lady as a marriage partner, so it was just ideal and
natural for me to fall in love with this store.

“You’re welcome to our store today, how was your
day?” One of the beautiful sales ladies welcomed me as usual with a bright

“Oh thank you Kate, I’m fine”.

“Should I help you to get your usual into a

“Yes, I’ll appreciate that”.

There was something strange about her smile and countenance
on that day and before she turned to get my usual into the basket, I stopped

“Kate, you look unusually ecstatic today, have you won
a lottery?”

“Really,” she replied still beaming with smiles.

“Yes, you don’t put up a full smile like you have done
today since the first day I saw you at this store”.

“Well, Mr. Ken, this is my last day here in this

“Your last day!” I got more interested. “What
do you mean by that? You don’t want to work here anymore?”

“No,” she replied. “I’m going for the
compulsory National Youth Service Corps programme for graduates of higher

“Youth service? Are you a graduate?

“Yes Mr. Ken. I’m only here because the government has
not given the official order for the programme to commence”.

“Really,” I said still bemused. “I used to
think you are a high school graduate who was still waiting to gain admission
into a higher institution”.

I was a matured man looking for a lady to marry. I
discovered that Kate, though had a petit stature was also a matured and
searching lady. One thing led to another, I and Kate got wedded exactly six
months after that discussion on that fateful afternoon”.

“What do you mean Kate?” I yelled at my wife.
“Are you telling me we have to skip our Morning Prayer and Word study

“Darling,” Kate responded. “You know that is
not what I mean. We can’t really have the time to have this devotion every day
in a working week”

“I can’t understand you”.

“We come late after work and most times sleep late.
It’ll be difficult to wake up early to accommodate prayer and Word study
devotions before we go to work”.

“Then, what are you suggesting we do”.

“Let’s shift the prayer devotions to the

That was just one of the many arguments we had over
spiritual activities in our marriage at the early stage. This nearly tore apart
our marriage!

I never really took spiritual
preparations into considerations before I got married. I never discussed my
spiritual and Christian goals with my wife-to-be before we got married. I did
not really show her my stand on spiritual activities like praying, prayer and
word study devotions, fellowship, Christian ministry and commitment to mission
works and their likes. This silent and monster error nearly crumbled my
marriage at the early stage.

My wife was not a bad Christian, she was devoted to God but as a
husband-to-be, I never helped her to see the type of spirituality we will build
our marriage upon before we got married. A good preparation in this regard
would have really helped her and our marriage especially at the early stage
where this error caused lots of contentions and disagreements between us. I
rushed into marriage too early. Even with the six months of courtship I never
really considered preparing adequately spiritually.